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November 12, 2019by admin0

Déjà vu is incredibly frustrating. As much as you fight to remember, the more it eludes you. And as I struggled to find why Corridor Sixteen sounded familiar, the more it eluded me. Still, I kept scouring my memory. The persistent frustration was unbearable. I couldn’t place them until they were on stage and giving my brain a bittersweet reminder of where I’d heard them before.

I didn’t know much about Corridor Sixteen save for what I read briefly about them on their Facebook page. The band is comprised of two guys, Jude David (Vocals/Guitar) and Jacob Jacobo (Drums), with an emo/pop-punk sound. Despite the small amount of time they’ve been playing – a little over a year – Corridor Sixteen already have an EP out and know how to put on one hell of a show. Between the ease in which they connect with their fans and the ever-growing collection of original songs, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them booming in no time at all.

On stage, Corridor Sixteen is a burst of energy. The passion the boys put into their music is echoed through their stage presence. Each of their original songs pulled me in, especially their newest single, “Bulletproof,” which was released in February of this year. Yet, I’d be lying if I said their covers weren’t a bigger highlight for me. With a collection covers such as “Teenagers” by My Chemical Romance, “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes, and “Sugar, We’re Going Down” by Fall Out Boy, they threw me back to the formative music experiences of my youth. Then it hit me where I had heard Corridor Sixteen before.

It was a surprise to discover the connection I had with Corridor Sixteen. Earlier this year, Corridor Sixteen was included in a large list of local bands who performed covers on an album dedicated to the memory of Contradiktion’s vocals, Billie Russell. And when the boys prepared the audience for the next song in my set, it hit me hard and fast. “Hanging on a Thread” was one of my favorites in a collection of covers that I can’t say had a single bad song on it. Putting faces to the music only furthered my drive to keep an eye on them while hoping for another release.

After the show, we stuck around and watched as Jude and Jacob met with fans and signed merch. Never have I been to a show, drastically outnumbered by fans nearly half my age, and felt perfectly at home. There is a certain common ground Corridor Sixteen offers to their fans, be you young or old, able-bodied or not. And after a moment of talking with the band and having a couple laughs, I found myself going home while still singing “Hanging on a Thread” to myself. By the time I got in through the door, I knew I’d be looking forward to Corridor Sixteen’s first full album.


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